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                  TICA Champion

Echoglen Bambi of Puffydolls

            (AKA Bambi)

DOB: 04.12.2016

Color: Seal Lynx Bicolor (rag n 03 21)

Sire: Marlcreek Cattin Jax Purreston

Dam: Echoglen Summer Sofun


Bambi is from my friend Laura with Echoglen ragdoll in CA. Thank you Laura for such a fantastic baby!

Deer Bambi is just like her name, confident, brave, smart and always energetic! But she is also a trouble maker because of her energy, lol. She is a girl with big and strong body, nice ear shape and set, big head and strong chin. Such a pretty girl! She loves to wake me up at 5 o'clock in the morning by kissing my feet and asks me to pet her, lol.