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Ragdollsea Rylai of Puffydolls

            (AKA Rylai)

DOB: 04.08.2016

Color: Blue Lynx Bicolor (rag a 03 21)

Sire: Darlinlildols King Kai

Dam: Ragdollsea Alexandra


Rylai is from my very good friend Lena with Ragdollsea. I appreciate Lena so much for entrusting me with this pretty girl and for giving me so much help. Rylai got gorgeous eyes from her parents Lexi and Kai which are like the most beautiful night sky in the world. And she is such a talker. Her sweet talks are from lexi as well! Oh boy, those sparklings from her eyes and sweet words from her lips are like spring in the dessert, no one can never say no. She is a very soft baby who never had argument with other cats or kittens.